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Are there any massage techniques that stop leg cramps?

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Sandra Hopkinson
Paula Stuart Product Researcher Updated Date: [Insert Date Here]

Yes, there are some massage techniques that can help stop leg cramps:

1. Calf Massage – Use your hands to deeply massage the cramping calf muscle. Use your thumbs or knuckles to apply firm pressure the full length of the calf. This helps relax the tense muscle fibers.

2. Stroking – Using your palm or fingerpads, gently and quickly stroke the skin over the cramped muscle from the ankle up towards the knee. Repeat up and down the entire calf. This soothing motion decreases spasms.

3. Kneading – Knead the tight calf muscle by grasping the muscle between your thumb and fingers. Gently lift, squeeze and roll the muscle. Shift locations over the entirety of the calf. This loosens muscle knots.

4. Compression – Place both hands around the calf and apply gentle, pulsing pressure as if pumping the blood flow out of the muscle. Hold for 10 seconds, release and repeat. This flushes out muscle fatigue chemicals.

5. Ankle Rotation – Gently rotate the ankle in circular motions, first one direction then the other. Briskly rotate 10 times each way. This mobilizes the calf muscle and Achilles tendon to relax.

When massaging a leg cramp, go gently yet firmly. It may hurt at first but should rapidly increase relief. Always massage towards the heart. Stay hydrated afterwards. See a doctor if cramps persist.

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