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Dehydration and Electrolyte Imbalance: Why They Trigger Painful Muscle Cramps

  An involuntary charley horse seizes your calf mid-workout, leaving you hobbled. Or you wake up with a painful knot in your thigh that locks you up. These debilitating muscle cramps seem to come out of nowhere. But often, dehydration and related electrolyte disturbances are the secret culprits behind these afflictions. Proper hydration and electrolyte […]

Lactic Acid Accumulation: How This Metabolic Byproduct Spurs Muscle Cramps

  It starts as a slight pang during your workout. Then suddenly, your muscle seizes with excruciating force. You’re hobbled by another exercise-induced cramp. But what causes this pain that can stop athletes in their tracks? Surprisingly, these debilitating cramps relate closely to lactic acid build-up. Lactic acid and lowered pH within exercising muscles correlate […]

Pinched Blood Flow: How Poor Circulation Triggers Painful Muscle Cramps

  Few sensations compare to the sudden, stabbing pain of a muscle cramp. These debilitating cramps afflict millions of legs, feet, and calves during exercise or rest. While harmless, muscle cramps interfere with performance and disrupt daily lives. New research reveals that restricted blood circulation significantly contributes to these seizing, painful cramps. Keep reading to […]

Getting to the Root of Painful Muscle Spasms and Leg Cramps

  Muscle spasms and leg cramps can seem to come out of nowhere, turning a relaxing evening or deep sleep into a painful experience. These abrupt, involuntary muscle contractions affect millions of Americans on a regular basis. While harmless, muscle spasms disrupt daily life and activities for many people. New research is uncovering innovative and […]