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How can I stop leg cramps caused by medication?

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If you are experiencing recurrent leg cramps that seem to be associated with a new medication, there are some steps you can take to help relieve symptoms and prevent future cramping:

• Notify your doctor. Let them know when the cramps started, what medications you’re taking, and discuss adjusting dosages or switching prescriptions if possible.

• Stay well hydrated. Some medications can dehydrate the body leading to cramps. Aim for 8-10 glasses of water or electrolyte beverages daily.

• Stretch legs thoroughly each day. Effective stretching promotes circulation and helps balance muscle workload that can reduce spasms.

• Request bloodwork. Medications that deplete magnesium, potassium or calcium can cause cramping. Check levels.

• Take mineral supplements if deficient. Doctor may recommend over-the-counter magnesium, potassium or calcium supplements.

• Apply heat packs to painful areas. The warmth promotes blood flow and muscle relaxation for cramp relief.

• Get leg massages focusing on cramp-prone areas which loosens tight muscles.

• Soak in warm Epsom salt baths which may replenish depleted minerals due to medications.

Be vigilant about side effects with new medications and proactively alert your doctor and manage symptoms at home for relief. Persistent cramping may require changing medication regimen.

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