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How can I stop leg cramps immediately?

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Here are some quick ways to help stop leg cramps immediately when they strike:

  • Stretch the cramped muscle. Gently flex your foot and toes back towards your shin to stretch out your calf muscle if that is the cramping muscle. You should feel some relief right away.
  • Massage the muscle. Use your hands or a roller to firmly massage the cramping muscle. Massaging helps stimulate blood flow and relax the tense muscle fibers.
  • Apply heat. Use a heating pad, wrap a warm towel around the cramped muscle, or soak in a warm bath. The warmth will promote blood flow and loosening of the muscle.
  • Use a muscle cramp ointment. Look for creams containing ingredients like magnesium, menthol, or camphor at the pharmacy. These can provide a cooling or numbing sensation on the skin for relief.
  • Try pickle juice or apple cider vinegar. Sipping either is thought to help relax cramping muscles because of their electrolytes and acids. The quick relief comes before the nutrients can be absorbed.
  • Take a magnesium supplement like Medi Cramp. Magnesium may help improve muscle functioning quickly, while quinine is thought to help relax muscle spasms.


Relieving the cramped muscle from tension through movement, stimulation, warmth, or topicals is key to stopping acute cramping right away before it gets worse. Staying hydrated and getting electrolytes can also help.


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