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What are the best ways to stop leg cramps during pregnancy?

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Sandra Hopkinson
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Here are some of the most effective ways to relieve and prevent leg cramps during pregnancy:

– Stretch your calves and hamstrings for a few minutes before bedtime. Also flex your feet and toes towards your knees for added stretching while in bed.

– Apply a heating pad or warm compress to cramping muscles for quick relief and increased blood flow. Or soak in a warm (not hot) bath.

– Increase your daily water intake, along with calcium and potassium-rich foods like leafy greens, yogurt and bananas. Staying hydrated is key.

– Take a low dose magnesium health supplement before bedtime. Check with your doctor on dosage recommendations.

– Get a prenatal massage that focuses extra pressure on your lower legs and calves. Again, warmth and massage provides instant cramp relief.

– Consider compression socks worn during the day to improve circulation to your lower legs and feet. Proper flow fights cramps.

– Elevate your legs periodically during the day and prop a pillow under your knees while sleeping at night to aid bloodflow.

The extra weight and shifting hormones of pregnancy strain muscles and nerves, causing leg cramps. Stretching, proper nutrition, compression and improving circulation all help counteract this.

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