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What causes severe leg cramps at night and how can they be stopped?

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Severe nighttime leg cramps can have several potential causes:

Dehydration – Not drinking enough fluids during the day can cause painful cramps at night. Drink plenty of water and electrolyte-containing beverages.

Overusing Muscles – Fatiguing your leg muscles from exercise, work, or other activities can lead to cramps when resting. Avoid overexertion.

Mineral Deficiencies – Low magnesium, potassium, or calcium levels may contribute to cramping. Eat mineral-rich foods or consider supplements.

Medications – Diuretics, statins, and blood pressure medications are some that may indirectly lead to cramps. Ask your doctor.

To help prevent nighttime leg cramps:
– Stretch legs well before bedtime
– Take warm baths before bed to relax muscles
– Apply cream with magnesium or menthol
– Consider a magnesium supplement
– Stay hydrated by drinking electrolyte beverages

To stop cramps when they strike at night:
– Massage, stretch, and apply heat to cramping muscle
– Try walking around gingerly until the cramp stops
– Take magnesium supplement or tonic water before bed

See your doctor if frequent night cramps persist despite these home remedies. They can check for underlying conditions and provide further treatment options.

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